Who Listens to Techno?

Just like any art form, music is subjective. While some rock out to the raw sound of heavy metal, others find enjoyment in soft voices and acoustic guitars of Indie. Music styles are always evolving, always changing, and occasionally, a whole new kind is created. A more recent style that has emerged in the era of computers is techno music.
It seems Techno music originated in Detroit, Michigan in the late 1980’s. In fact, although it has spread across the world today, Detroit is still said to have their own unique sound. Around the time of its creation, disco music was a huge fixture in clubs. While techno music didn’t exactly come from disco music, their goal was the same: to be party music. Essentially, the sound of techno came from mixing a bunch of different kinds of music together: funk, disco, jazz–even sometimes African tribal music. There were no clear rules for techno and DJ’s with the innate skill to understand what sounded good together made the style very popular in the party scene.
A lot of times, techno music is made using a computer. In various programs, DJ’s and musicians alike can mix up different kinds of beats together. Generally, techno is purely instrumental–while there may be a few moments of a human voice in it, there’s usually no lyrics. A lot of times, techno starts with a tempo and builds from there. As mentioned before, there are really no rules as to what can be mixed together as long as it sounds good. Some techno artists may use synthesizers and different tools to create their songs though.
Just like before, techno made its debut and continues to play primarily in a party or club setting. In the fast-paced environment of flashing lights and enthusiastic dancing, it works well. However, there are other areas where it works too. For instance, a demolition company might put on techno while they’re working. Workers in rugged types of jobs tend to like driving, forceful music over ballads and pop music. ¬†Other times there are just individuals who like how it sounds and listen to it on their own time as with any type of music.
Overall, techno revolutionized the club scene. Long gone are the days of disco, and now the various sounds of techno reverberate through the speakers. It’s a music formed in the modern age to fit the modern generation, and only time will tell how it will change and evolve in the future.