Main Genres of Electronic Beats Music

Electronic beats music is a broad range of percussive music genre mainly played in festivals, raves and nightclubs. There are hundreds of genres of electronic beats music but the main ones are:

1. Trance

This is the most emotional electronic beat music genre because of its repetitive synths and melodic tunes. It was first played in the 1990s and it characterized by 125-150 beats per minute.

2. Techno

Most noobs often classify electronic beats music as Techno. Typically, this genres of electronic beats originated from Detroit in Michigan in the 1980s. It is generally characterized by repetitive beats and usually uses digital workstations, drum machines and synthesizers.

Since techno music is represented by vibrant rainbow colors, it is ideal for house painting.

3.  House music

House Music originated in Chicago, Illinois in the late 1980s. After being successful in the 1990s, it grew larger to become the most human sounding music of all genres.

House music is the most popular in the Top 40 mixes because of its catchy tunes.

4.  Dubstep

Dubstep is known to be aggressive and lurching. Typically, it is characterized by tightly coiled productions with clipped samples, occasional vocals, reverberating drum patterns and overwhelming base lines. It originated in South London in 1988.

In 2011 artists such as Datsik and Rusko gained appeal in the US market after introducing dubstep style known as brostep.

5.  Tri hop

Trip hop is known as the post acid house music is a variant of funk, jazz and soul music. It originated in the 1990s.

6.  Tropical house music

Lastly is tropical House music which is also known as Trop house was originally created by Kygo and Thomas Jack. It typically uses slower tempos, marimbas, horns and steel drums.

The most popular tropical house music today are LCAW, Lost Frequencies, sam Feldt, Matoma, Robin Schuls, Felix Jaehn, Bakermat, Klingande, Autograf, Thomas Jack and Kygo.